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Build your best you;

Remain Unconquered


Our Mission

1st and 10th was built by U.S. combat veterans with the desire to empower people from all walks of life with the same warrior spirit and training that has made US Soldiers and Marines successful on and off the battlefield for over 200 years.  We strive to help people push their mental and physical boundaries to realize their full potential, in a fun and  supportive environment. Our mission is to provide the Skills, Confidence, and Mindset to Endure, Succeed, and remain Unconquered in everything you do.



Tactical Urban Fitness (T.U.F.)

1st and 10th's unique TUF (Tactical Urban Fitness)  blends true US Military Physical Fitness and Unarmed Combat routines with the goal of building strength, endurance, and most importantly, confidence.

Each class is conducted in a supportive and team-centric environment, and our staff embodies and teaches the Warrior Spirit; with the goal of not only getting our students physically fit, but with providing them with the confidence and focus to be successful in both their personal and professional lives.

Whether you are a Law Enforcement Officer looking to keep your edge on the street, a business professional looking to keep your edge on the sales floor, or a busy parent working to stay at your best, the TUF routine is a perfect fit.  We encourage you to schedule your first free class.

Stay Fit, Stay TUF, Remain Unconquered



Whether you are new to shooting, or are an experienced shooter, 1st and 10th Tactical's goal is to give you the knowledge and skill set to help you improve your tactical and technical proficiency in a safe and informative environment.  All 1st and 10th Tactical instructors are former US Military veterans with real world combat experience, which translates into educated, real world training.   We live by the age old military adage of crawl, walk, run. For this reason we have broken up out classes into three main groups, with several keystone classes in each category. We also offer private classes, tailored to your exact needs and skill level.


Online Academy

Coming Soon! Fitness and firearms training at your fingertips.  Access lesson plans and drills any time anywhere; while being part of the 1st and 10th online community. One low monthly fee will provide not only great training plans, but online access to our trainers.  Stay tuned for updates!








Get up,

Get Moving, Remain Unconquered 


Be a part of the Community

It's no fun to train alone, and certainly, no one should ever fight alone.  Become a 1st and 10th Member and get access to articles and motivation from our instructors and contributors, our forums where you can connect with other 1st and 10th members, as well as discounts on 1st and 10th classes and gear.  

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