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  1st and 10th Tactical is a veteran-owned business that provides tactical training in a safe and positive environment. Our core values center around continual training and building a community of skilled individuals. We don’t just train until you get it right - we train until you can’t get it wrong.


  We strive to create a learning environment that is both supportive and challenging.We accept people of all skill levels and provide the necessary resources for them to reach their full potential. Come join us at 1st and 10th Tactical and take your skills to the next level.


  • Don't train until you get it right, train until you can't get it wrong...

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    250 US dollars
  • Shoot, Move, and Communicate like a Girl!

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Business Partners

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Cutting Edge Response    Active Shooter and Safety Training

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With the workforce transitioning from working remotely to centralized, in-person work environments, a unique need exists to address safety and crisis planning. Cutting Edge Response provides comprehensive instruction in safety, critical incident and active shooter response. Studies have shown training and preparation prior to a critical incident or active shooter event has saved lives. Cutting Edge Response will empower you, your employees and your organization with the tools needed to overcome and persevere through the difficult challenges when faced with a critical incident or active shooter event.

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Proffer Fit
David Proffer Fitness Trainer 

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Nutritional Therapy Practitioner
N1 Education

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I am a NASM certified personal trainer with an N1 Education in biomechanics. I design training programs that are tailored specifically towards your goals for optimal results. I also specialize in building and strengthening the glutes (which not only gives the backside a little lift, but also helps with chronic back pain), fat loss, and building muscle. So not only will you look great, but you will feel great too!

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