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Operational Skills Group

Don't train until you get it right, train until you can't get it wrong.

  • 250 US dollars

Service Description

Defensive firearms skills aren't the type of thing you do once, and hope that you're on point when the moment of truth comes, and you have to dust them off and actually use them. These skills are 'perishable skills'. In other words; if you don't use them, you lose them. Some call it practicing your kata, some call it honing your muscle memory, some just call it training. Whatever you call it, the Operational Skills Group was designed by military and law enforcement veterans to present training and scenarios that will allow you to keep up on your skills by continuing to train and by putting them to the test and perfecting them in a physically challenging environment under the guidance of experienced coaches. The Operational Skills Group works on a tiered system, much like a true martial art, so that you can jump in and work your skills, no matter your experience level. Whether you are a member of the law enforcement community, a civilian sheepdog, or just looking for a fun way to build confidence and stay fit, the Operational Skills Group is a great way to challenge yourself, build your skills, and make some awesome like- minded friends along the way. - "Don't train until you get it right. Train until you can't get it wrong."

Cancellation Policy

All cancelations must be made at least three or more days prior to a scheduled class for a full refund. Due to our need to secure range space and instructors, any cancelation occurring less than three days before class will not receive a refund, but instead will receive credit toward a future class.

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