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Tactical Urban Fitness (TUF)

Defensive firearms skills aren't the type of thing you do once, and hope that you're on point when the moment of truth comes, and you have to dust them off and actually use them.  These skills are 'perishable skills'. In other words; if you don't use them, you loose them. Some call it practicing your kata, some call it honing your muscle memory, some just call it training. Whatever you call it, the TUF program was designed by military and law enforcement veterans to present scenarios that will allow you to keep up on your skills by putting them to the test and perfecting them in a physically challenging environment under the guidance of experienced coaches. Whether you are a member of the law enforcement community, a civilian sheepdog, or just looking for a fun way to build confidence and stay fit, TUF is a great way to challenge yourself, build your skills, and make some awesome like- minded friends along the way.  

Frequently Asked Question

Can I come observe a class to see if it is for me? Yes, we always encourage people to come and observe at least one class to see if this is the activity for them. There is no cost to observe. What Gear Do I need? You should have your own firearm (preferably at least a center fired semi-automatic pistol), at least 4 magazines, a sturdy belt, and at least 3 magazine pouches. long pants and closed toed shoes are also required. We would also strongly recommend knee pads. Can I bring more gear than just what is listed above? Of course, the above list is simply the minimal needed to get started. We always advocate to train like you fight, so bring all your gear, rifles, plate carriers, chest rigs, war belts etc. and put them to the test. You don't know what works unless you put it through its paces. What minimal fitness and shooting level should I be at to do the TUF program? No entry fitness level required, you should be mobile and have no serious health issues that would impact you performing physically taxing activities. As with any physical fitness activity, you should consult your doctor before starting any such exercise routine. You will need some base firearms safety and proficiency skills for safety reasons. These include but are not limited to: Knowing and always following all 4 firearms safety rules, knowing how to remediate stoppages, and how to safely unholster and holster your firearm. All first-time students will be required to pass a minimal skills test prior to participating, for safety reasons. What does 1st and 10th recommend to someone who is interested, but doesn't possess the necessary basic skills to attend classes? We would recommend that you take at least up to our Fighting Pistol 2 class. Can I take other classes while being a member of the TUF program? Yes! We always encourage members to continue learning and training. It is essential to growth and will make you a stronger tactical athlete. We encourage members to always seek out training and have member pricing plans that offer discounts on other 1st and 10th training classes, aimed at improving your skill set.


Choose your pricing plan

  • Monthly Membership

    Every month
    One Class Per Month (min 3 month commitment)
    • One class per month
  • Annual Plan

    12 Class Block
    Valid for 15 months
    • 12 class block to be used within 15 months.
    • Drops per class price to $195 a class
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